Friday, 22 July 2011

-Music Videos on my Mind- Bombay Bicycle Club’s “Shuffle”

Bombay Bicycle Club's sophomore album Flaws was my favourite record last year. Since their so-so debut I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose, the band has released a new album every year, with their third LP A Different Kind of Fix scheduled for release on 29th August 2011.

The first single from A Different Kind of Fix is titled Shuffle and sounds different to the gorgeous acoustic folk sounds they developed in Flaws. It's a sprightly track, more fitting to a band of English kids who are barely into their twenties.

What's less pleasing is the lacklustre music video they've put out today to accompany the song. Bombay Bicycle Club is signed to the world's biggest record label, Universal Music, so money can't be an issue.

Like seriously, is this the best Britain can do when it comes to releasing music videos for white guys with guitars?  (Okay, Suren de Saram is not white, but for the sake of argument, let's just say he is.)

Didn't we as a nation practically invent the music video phenomena, releasing quality output to feed an incipient American cable network called MTV? Were not we the country that turned music videos into an art form? Where did it all go so wrong?

For what it's worth, here's the video. Just close your eyes, avoid the images, enjoy.


  1. never heard of them, in last few years British bands and British music has stopped reaching wider popularity outside UK, but then again the whole music since is in crises around the world after the audience has been overly bombarded by some seriously talentless pop tarts and similar freaks. We really need some fresh blood in the music world, and some seriously talented music stars!

  2. They're pretty good, and yeah the video is pretty weak.

  3. Again, a band that I have never heard of! I do like the song - and, the video isn't THAT bad! ;)


  4. I always learn about good new music from you. I enjoy that. ;) I like what I hear from Bombay Bicycle Club on that video. Definitely another band worth checking out!

  5. I enjoyed the song. I stopped watching the video to look at other tabs, but listened to the song til the very end. The video is mediocre.

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