Tuesday, 27 September 2011

-Music Videos on my Mind- Sara Bareilles’ “Gonna Get Over You”

What can you say about Sara Bareilles?

Well, she's a singer, she's American, she has brown hair, she's unusually pretty and she has a nose to marvel at... like staring down the barrel of an exquisite shotgun.

As you do, Bareilles decided to approach comic actor Jonah Hill to direct the video for her new song Gonna Get Over You because getting hold of seasoned music video directors in the US remains a pretty tall order.

Gonna Get Over You is a spanking addition to the treasured American sub-genre of pop stars singing and dancing in the aisles of their neighbourhood grocery store, joining the esteemed music video ranks of Nerina Pallot's Everybody's Gone to War and The Mavericks Dance the Night Away.

Blame it on the British psyche, but can you honestly imagine wanting to film your à la mode music video at the local LiDL or in Mr. Singh's overpriced cornershop?

 It'd never happen.


  1. It wouldn't happen. Bareilles is cute though, I like her behind the scenes videos on youtube.

  2. I wondered about this. What's the deal with those girl dancing (and trashing) the corner grocery store? I honestly don't know and i don't have a clue either.

  3. I must admit I'm not a fan of her kind of singers. I call them VH1 disposable stars (since VH1 airs them like crazy even though nobody really likes them). Like Sara, Nerina and similar. They usually have one mild hit song and nothing else after that and they usually don't have enough charisma, talent, voice or looks to be in the A-league. And I don't like when anybody is trashing anything in videos. When will violence stop being cool in rock and pop world?

  4. I think she's adorable and full of win. I love this video!

  5. I'm not a fan, but it's a cute song. I'm not for the grocery store setting, though.

  6. I didn't know Jonah Hill directed...anything. How strange! The video isn't working for me, but that may be a blessing, since it sounds kind of lame.

    Also, while I agree Sara's songs are catchy, I also find them kind of annoying. The lyrics are so bitchy, and not in a good way. And she always sounds like she's complaining, but not in a good way. The only thing I've gathered from her radio singles is that she is fed up with men. I'm bored with that theme. :S

  7. Have to agree with Jennifer, very catchy but there's something about her songs that just grate on you after a while, what is it?

    p.s So I guess I won't be catching you in a tux of anykind, anytime soon then? ;)