Tuesday, 10 January 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- Bombay Bicycle Club’s “Leave It”

When people calling themselves 'Cunt Destroyer', 'Mass Marketing 4 U' and 'Adult Sex Dating Fun' start following your blog, you know something is going wrong.

When you spend time writing an eloquent and enlightening post extolling the many reasons why people should download Death Grips' excellent mixtape Ex-Military, and no one bothers to do so, you know you're wasting your time.

So, as not be defeatist, let's try and get back to some level of normality by flagging up Bombay Bicycle Club's rather fantastic new music video for their latest song Leave It.

Ryan Hope has directed a pretty impressive concept-driven clip that seems brimming with ideas and thoughts. Using a mutual aid setting, the camera pans around a gathering of people exhibiting the challenging journeys life can sometimes take. It starts with Jack Steadman and his band arriving at a group meeting, but as the camera moves in a seemingly single rotating shot, the group's identity changes from new mothers, to autistic twins, angry obese men, despondent military personnel, various amputees, faceless disabled folk, cancer victims, gospel singers, serious criminals, blind people and ends with a shot of a wife gripping a funeral urn. It presents a snapshot of life and how wrong it can occasionally go, though it's all done with amazing grace and technical proficiency.

In a perfect world it would be Bombay Bicycle Club and not Adele who'd be Britain's strongest current musical export. In this perfect world Adele would still be stuck in her high rise flat in Tottenham with a forty-a-day fag habit, while Katy Perry would be married off to some neo-conservative Christian who doesn't allow her to sing and Ke$ha's parents would have remembered to use contraceptives.

Alas, this is not a perfect world and Bombay Bicycle Club continues to be a parochial niche article, whilst Death Grips remains largely ignored.

At least the 2012 music scene can't get any worse, can it Cunt Destroyer?


  1. OMG I just died. I'm still laughing. You're gonna have to give me a me moment here...

  2. it was a cool song but it stopped playing on and off at about two and a half minutes. the different characters were interesting. i found myself curious as to what sort of person would be next.

  3. Those people following you might be truly interested in some awesome beats! :P

  4. I found this band a month ago on an alternative station and have been listening to them ever since.

    No, nothing's wrong.