Saturday, 24 March 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- Spiritualized’s “Hey Jane”

Spiritualized is a British alternative band that was very successful in the late '90s. They come from an era where trying to tell stories and provoke meaning through the medium of music videos was more common than what it is today. Spiritualized will release their seventh album Sweet Heart Sweet Light next month. Hey Jane is its lead single.

Hey Jane is a long music video. It's also very adult in nature, not to mention violent, though not in a thoughtless way. It may be an idea to skip five minutes into the video, and if you're not put off by what you see, you might consider watching the whole clip to see how things go so wrong.


  1. Yeah, that's not anything you'd ever see on MTV, even if the latter even played videos anymore as they did when they debuted.

    Video killed the radio star, and reality killed the video star.

  2. I haven't watched one of those movie-like, full story music videos in a while. I watched it all. Pretty disturbing.

  3. Wow, really long video. Somehow disturbing, but good.

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