Saturday, 27 October 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- King Krule’s “Rock Bottom”

There are some songs that you sit on for months hoping they’ll gather traction and the record label will do the honourable thing by commissioning a music video. Alas, a lot of the time that simply doesn’t happen.
In the case of 18-year-old King Krule, the lack of a music video might actually be a good thing. A BRIT School alumnus, which is never a good thing as it’s the same institution singers like Adele and Jessie J were assembled, Krule has eschewed any notion of fame academy stereotypes and positioned himself as a no frills musician. His sound recalls Paul Weller’s early years with The Jam, yet his less than handsome visage perennially roots him as an artist for the radio.
And let’s be honest, if you looked like this kid then appearing in music videos wouldn’t be your top priority.


  1. What was that right at the end? It transitioned and reminded me of the Beetles. Right around 3:56.

    And, this kid doesn't look so bad! I like the music - I honestly can't make out some of what he says, but when has that ever made a difference?

  2. Interesting sound. He has a soulful voice. I enjoyed this.