Thursday, 13 December 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- Little Green Cars’ “The John Wayne”

The aim was to lay off doing any music video blogs this month and try and get back to filmic roots, however, after a post about pornography attracted the attention of Russian spammers, who riddled comments with invitations to watch teen sex, a change of strategy is required.
And what better way to kick things off than with Little Green Cars fabulous new song The John Wayne, which is tearing up UK radio stations like a hurricane. This Irish group of country-rock teenagers are one of the most exciting things to have happened in the British Isles since Bombay Bicycle Club released their debut track.

The major attraction with Little Green Cars is that they are on a precipice, either destined to be huge everywhere or a music footnote for 2012. The reason for this is because they’re being talked about in all the cool newspapers and hyped by presenters like Jo Whiley. They’ve got a record deal with Island in the UK and just signed with Glassnote in the US, which means they have the backing of the same people that made Mumford & Sons a household name. Due to the fact that Little Green Cars are lacking a discernible image at the moment, which is something that will need some work if they’re to conquer America, it’s hard to tell exactly where their careers will go.
Little Green Cars lack the charisma to really make the best use of music videos, but that’s something that can be developed. The current use of cheap digital cameras and a setting that looks like it took place in Ferris Bueller’s friend’s house may to do the trick in the short term, but MTV will demand something more expensive next time. At the moment they look like those kids at school that push television sets around to different classrooms, but a freelance stylist will soon put an end to that and give them haircuts to die for. In truth, if the buzz is to be believed, this is the purest version of Little Green Cars we’re likely to see, that is before fame problems and second album difficulties materialise.
Big things await these guys.


  1. I haven't heard of them before. Thanks for sharing this. I loved your description, "they look like those kids at school that push television sets around to different classrooms." Ha ha.

  2. You're always one step ahead of me, taking away my quirky comments.
    Here was I thinking I could make some Ferris Bueller quip, but alas, that ship already sailed out of your harbor, I see.

    They remind me of Fun, just a little bit.

    Don't let the Russians scare you Movie Man (since, well...that's my name for you).

  3. They Russians really keep to be hitting you hard, huh?
    Since the beginning of this month I have received over 200 spam comments, but it seems only 3 have slipped through. Are you having to delete the spam comments in the actual post, or is Blogger filtering them through?

    One thing that I did to cut down the spam, is I made it so posts that are older by a certain number of days must need my approval to be published. I hate captcha codes and will usually avoid them at all costs, but it might be helpful to you. You can also make it so that you have to approve each comment before it is published. Bothersome, yes..but at least it will keep the Russians at bay.

    I hope that helps!

  4., that first sentence is so grammatically beautiful I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.