Saturday, 19 January 2013

-Music Videos on my Mind- Jagwar Ma’s “Come Save Me”

There is danger in blogging about Jagwar Ma’s video for Come Save Me, in that irked Antipodeans will all of a sudden materialise and say ‘This isn’t a new song, mate. It’s like from way back, as in late 2011 back.’
Then one will have to issue a disclaimer proclaiming that Aussie indie pop needs all the help it can get to break out in exciting new territories, and that you should consider this a Commonwealth act in Australian cultural service that further promotes a great music scene which deserves greater exposure. May I remind you that it was only after this blog raised Gotye’s video for Somebody That I Used to Know exactly year ago on this very day that the single went on to become a US smash hit, this despite the song already being an Australian chart wonder. This blog wields that kind of power.
Let’s see if we can work some of that same magic again, though, something suggests this won’t be as easier sell. Besides, it’s January and good things to flag up are in severe drought.


  1. I really, really like this song. I should just throw away all my music and only buy what you suggest from now on. Lol. :)

  2. I like the sound of this. You're always introducing me to new songs.

  3. Yes, this blog certianly does wield some power! My Amazon and iTunes are testimony enough.
    I love this song - it's so catchy and it somehow reminds me of the Monkees. Don't know how or why. Would make for a great outfit video song.

    Are you on Twitter? Facebook fan page? Instagram?? I need more access to more whitisims.