Wednesday, 27 March 2013

-Music Videos on my Mind- Taylor Swift’s “22”

Now I’m no whippersnapper, but what are the realities of being a 22-year-old for you? If one recalls honestly, the bare truth of it was coming onto a depressed job market with heinous student debts, struggling to budget rent with council tax payments, not having enough money to do anything exciting, feeling absolutely apathetic towards voting in a general election because our trusted politicians had misleadingly led us into an illegal war in order to demonstrate a demented sense of loyalty to the Americans, and realising that life gets a lot less frivolous the older we get.

Now I’m no sociologist, but there is something so toxic and dangerous about the image and personality Taylor Swift exudes. This multibillionaires construction is one of the most dishonest and deceptive creations imaginable. Her new song is so immature that it could have been called 13. In fact, the worry is that Swift will in years to come put out the same record and call it 33, then 47, then 54, and at long last, hopefully, title it Time for me to get Real. Being twenty-two means that one is no longer a teenager, yet our culture exhibits a tendency of holding onto the very last morsels of juvenility.

Now I’m no young American girl, but considering the current economic pressures and employment gloom facing that country, the realities suggest dressing up as hipsters and making fun of exses would be the last thing on most minds.

Now I'll be damned if I’m going to exclusively devote a post to a Taylor Swift song, therefore please check out Chk Chk Chk’s (!!!) stupendously rago new dance track Slyd which is available to download for free from here. May it renew your faith in America’s perpetual ability to create some of the most sonically dazzling sounds on planet Earth. Watch Taylor Swift go and spoil everything by hiring them to produce her next album.

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