Wednesday, 20 November 2013

-Music Videos on my Mind- Yuck’s “Lose my Breath”

There you are: this indie rock band straight out of north London, consisting of hip Jewish kids with crazy hair and tipped for big things; that is until your lead singer decides to evacuate his calling after just one album, thus rendering them a unit without a front man. This was the fate of Yuck after lead singer Daniel Blumberg called it a day. But this industrious bunch took it on the chin and sauntered guitarist Max Bloom into pole position and decided to carry on as if nothing had happened.
In a style of true Jewish resilience, Yuck has come back with new music that sounds as good as the old stuff - perhaps even better. Continuing on as if the slacker movement that came out of America in the early ‘90s never went away; Yuck sound as cool as they look. The video may be simple but the music is good.

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