Friday, 25 April 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Slow Club’s “Complete Surrender”

Oh dear, this is what happens when a celebrity like Daniel Radcliffe says in interviews he’s a fan of your music, which inevitably results in a swarm of clueless young people deciding they’re crazy about you, too. This means you ditch the previous low-key, Arcade Fire-lite style of your last album and go for something seemingly safer. You also, then, incorporate the services of jobbing music video directors, jobbing stylists and jobbing choreographers in the hope that your new influx of fans belonging to the Harry Potter generation finds you more palatable.
Complete Surrender is one of those tracks designed to get on the radio. It has one of those music videos that is just about enjoyable enough to watch. But everything about it speaks mediocrity, especially band mate Rebecca Taylor’s contributions whose average vocal abilities, average style choices, average sensuality and distinctly average dancing skills culminates in a pretty unspectacular pop music package. None of this would be a problem if Complete Surrender wasn’t aiming for loftier levels, obviously intending to hit heights the band cannot really deliver on. It’s brave to have tried but ultimately disappoints.

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