Friday, 13 June 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Strand of Oaks’ “Goshen '97”

Timothy Showalter has already scored big pluses in my book for looking like Captain Caveman. There are times when I think that Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels was the greatest thing to have ever come out of America, and as a nation they’ve never again been able to capture the epochal defining brilliance of that show. America is a lesser place without Cavey.
So here comes Showalter, the living embodiment of one of the greatest animated characters in popular culture, but this guy goes by the title of Strand of Oaks and sings blisteringly timeless rock songs full of grandiose guitar sounds and ponderously pummelling drums. And he sings such honest songs that somehow entertain; songs so deceptively celebratory yet totally rooted in aching pathos. That must be so hard to do.
This is what pop music should be.

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