Monday, 22 December 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Nadine Shah’s “Stealing Cars”

This is the second time this blog has discussed the British-Pakistani, singer-songwriter, goddess-among-ordinaries, Nadine Shah. To be true, the first post I wrote last year on Shah’s song Dreary Town cannot be topped. In a more just world it should’ve gotten a Pulitzer but, as we know, justice is seldom served and the post went largely unnoticed.
As much as one loves Shah’s music, Dreary Town had a laboured music video not to my liking and I was quite forthright in my criticisms. Shah must’ve taken note because she’s come back with a music video for Stealing Cars that, in her words, “[Is] really simple to give the song room to breathe. The idea was to show anxiety through the use of repetitive images. We took a lot of inspiration aesthetically from '70s horror films.”
That all must be because of me, man.

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