Tuesday, 24 February 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Emilie Nicholas’ “Grown Up”

Norwegian singer Emile Nicholas released the music video for Grown Up almost one year ago and accumulated big buzz in Scandinavian territories, scoring successive deals with indie labels in major music markets. Nicholas recently despaired at the record label bureaucracy that has hindered her traction in the UK, saying: “I get emails all the time being like ‘where can I buy the album in the UK? Please send me an address!’”
Her British label is now on the case, be it belatedly. Written by Nicholas and produced by her and her drummer Eivind Helgerød, Grown Up exhibits those famously Spartan, modern Nordic production techniques of minimalist beats layered in fractured drum samples and airy vocals.  The song is obviously working through some pretty heavy father-daughter issues, but it’s the personal music video constructed entirely of footage taken from historic Nicholas’ family home movies that proves most affecting.

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