Thursday, 23 July 2015

Far From Pesky!

For all the hoopla about young adults needing to be good role models for children, the reality is that kids seek inspiration from other kids. It is therefore imperative for tots to be able to relate to a given situation by angling their perspectives with that of another child. This is the reason why when a screenwriter develops a movie about, say; genetically cloned dinosaurs rampaging through a theme park, there are always annoying kid characters pissing us grownups off. To hold a child’s attention they need to identify by seeing some other kid doing something cool.
Pesky! are a seven-piece indie rock band from bucolic Cumbria, England. The band comprises of Megan Cooper (vocals), Niamh Angell (vocals), Patsy Gillam (bass), Jessica Webster (keyboards) and Harry Angell (drums) all of whom are 12-year-olds, though with the exception of Kate Stamp (guitar / vocals) and Joseph Jackson (guitar) who happen to be 11 and 10 respectively. Pesky! are so young that no photos of the band have been officially released by their label (jurisprudence and stuff). And it’s no silly label these kids are signed to either, as they are housed at the honourable indie stable of Fierce Panda Records who’ll release the band’s six-track digital EP Smells Like Tween Spirit (see what they did there?) tomorrow.

Keep Me demonstrates that Pesky! is no throwaway novelty act. The track hits all the right garage rock and shoegaze sweet spots, revealing that these kids must have glorious parents who’ve weaned them on diets that are rich in Britpop and grunge rock nourishment, totally void of artificial manufactured pop additives. It’s a quality product.

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