Friday, 6 July 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- Haim’s “Forever”

One should always be cautious when the British latch on to an unknown American group and begin to venerate them like there's no tomorrow. On past occasions this type of overhyping has materialised in artists like Lana Del Rey and the Kings of Leon, big acts over here but rather less celebrated in their native country, with Americans viewing them more by way of suspicion than admiration. Of course, sometimes American groups that primarily court attention here in Europe can go on to have very successful homeland careers, a case example being the Backstreet Boys.

In keeping with the British tradition of overhyping American groups the Americans couldn't give a hoot about, Los Angeles band Haim are all over UK radio and music journals right now. The group is comprised of three sisters and a drummer called Dash Hutton. Although Haim's sound is redolent of '80s pop, the band's name is not a knowing homage to that period's tragic teen movie star Corey Haim and is in fact a clever moniker of sisters' Danielle Haim (vocals, lead guitar), Alana Haim (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion) and Este Haim's (vocals, bass) actual surname.

The Haim girls are getting a lot of UK loving right now and their debut single Forever is on commercial radio playlists nationwide. Their sound is old-school Americana, but the music takes liberal inspiration from '90s R&B, with the girls citing Aaliyah, En Vogue and Brandy/ Monica as key inspirations.

So are these Californian Jewish princesses rightly being praised as Christ's second coming, or are the British making a big deal out of nothing?


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  2. So far I like this. I'll have to replay it to see if I love it. I haven't come across this song on any online or satellite stations.

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