Tuesday, 28 August 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- Delilah’s “Shades of Grey”

There's something really trite about pop acts putting out titles that are the same as some massively popular current cultural trend. Take for example Cover Drive's horrible single Twilight, a track that rocketed to the top of the British charts due to the fact young girls were reminded of their favourite vampiric brand.

Now comes a young London artist that goes by the name of Delilah (not her real name) whose new single Shades of Grey seems one numerical prefix short of targeting a lucrative market that consists of bored young mums who like to read about the absurd kinky happenings between a horny academic and a priapic businessman.

That kind of thinking may be cynical, though perhaps not too far from the truth, as methinks the marketing guys at Warner Music are hoping the popularity of a certain book may translate in decent music sales for the aforementioned single. Saying that, Shades of Grey is actually a very good pop song. What its music video lacks in ambition is made up for in a well produced and nicely sung track that is radio-friendly to the hilt, but in no way irksome.

Delilah describes her music as being "strong, dark, melodic, soulful pop." That's actually a pretty accurate description because, in the hands of any number of other young female vocalists, such a song could have turned out to be extremely pedestrian, which this one in no way is.


  1. It's not really what I listen to, but I admit it does have a soulful sound.

  2. I like it. Who knows, maybe she wrote the song before the book blew up and now she's totally annoyed at the association.

  3. I agree with Nick. If you did your research properly, you would find that this
    Is indeed the case.

  4. I've been censored!!!!

  5. I like it. I find myself wondering two things though:
    1: where do I get those cans that spray color like that? because...those are awesome and I need those in my life.

    2: That fluffy fuzzy coat. Totally used to own something like that until I realized it added 20 lbs to my frame. I miss it now, seeing it on this soulful lady. I'm wondering if it was hers to begin with or if a stylist convinced her to wear it - and just promised not to do a whole body shot.

    I like her voice too :)