Tuesday, 23 April 2013

-Music Videos on my Mind- Findlay’s “Off & On”

Manchester is God’s gift to music. As a city, nowhere on Earth compares to it, producing legendary bands after bands, forever inspiring music lovers the world over.
Manchester is also one of the most depressing and downtrodden places in Britain, renowned for its poverty, danger and crime.
Findlay is a 21-year-old girl hailing from Manchester, and totally sums up everything that is fascinatingly complex about the city. Her bluesy voice is aggressively dirty and tender, also being both soulful and with a sense of purpose. Meshed with rhythms to get people dancing, Findlay might be the act that gets kids back into guitar music, though; unfortunately, the current pop zeitgeist still seems very much stacked against her.
At a time when rock ’n’ roll seems dead in the Britain, along comes this song to prick-up ears and promote a sense of optimism that the future of good music is perhaps in the hands of talented white girls with guitars.
If music video doesn’t convince you, download the song for free and listen repeatedly until it does.


  1. She makes me nervous. But in a uneasy, I can't stop watching, oh hey I really like this! kind of way.

    Of course I got the free download. I think that's the cheapest exit I've made off this blog! ;)

  2. I like this a lot. I'll check out the download.

  3. Great, going to look at the download!

    would be interesting to use in our music videos manchester