Tuesday, 30 April 2013

-Music Videos on my Mind- The Smoking Trees’ “Persuaded Rendezvous”

The Smoking Trees comprises of two guys called Sir Psych and L.A AL who are based over in Los Angeles, making the kind of psychedelic pop records the region is renowned for.
Even though this track is distinctly Californian, they are signed to a British independent record label called Ample Play, a company that’s co-owned by Cornershop’s very own Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres.
The Smoking Trees’ title pretty much tells you everything one may expect from group using clichéd recreational drug euphemisms for a band name, though, that doesn’t negate the enjoyably nonchalant summer fumes vibes this tune gives off. Therefore, it’s such a shame the music video is so much less imaginative than the actual sounds created. One guesses the recession has dented the pockets everyone, including those of clever stoners making cool music.


  1. That is a simple video.

    The song reminds me of the 60's and 70's.

  2. It true, this experience does improve when one closes their eyes.. Maybe they were just high when they made it? I really like the music though.
    One thing that bothers me about this music video? The careless lack of floral pants. Man...those would have been awesome in here. Although, I think I did see paisley.

    Transatlantic sorcery is a pinnacle I have always hoped to reach...happy to hear I have finally accomplished that goal!