Friday, 10 May 2013

- Music Videos on my Mind- The Pastels’ “Check my Heart”

The Pastels have done the right thing in choosing not to feature prominently in their new music video, instead, hiring cool British kids to smile and dance while their song plays over it. You see, if these middle-aged Scottish indie pop stars were to have sold the song by using their own real identities then it would never get onto music television. (Ageist, I know.)
And it is very important that the youth market likes songs of this nature because that way they may want to buy some guitars and try replicating it; once again making alternative indie pop a thing to be loved and hugged, not discarded as a anachronistic thing people older than Eminem (who is old!) are into.
The Pastels have been going since 1982, and if they can keep writing songs this good then they’re more than welcome to hang around longer. Gorgeous, it is.


  1. I want to be a British cool kid, seriously.

    Also, I really really like this song! I'm thinking a new Pandora station based around The Pastels is in order.

  2. I hope alternative, indie never goes away.

    Great song.