Thursday, 31 October 2013

-Music Videos on my Mind- British Sea Power's “Monsters of Sunderland”

British Sea Power is one of those undervalued English bands that seem to have more importance than we give credit. They’ve only been around for ten years yet whenever a credible radio station does a countdown of greatest British songs of the last fifty years; a few BSP tracks usually crop up.
The thing is BSP exists under the radar. When their first album hit in 2003 it was a flop. Yet sustained word of mouth resulted in the album shifting 60,000 units by 2005, which guaranteed sold out concerts in big venues across the UK. Six albums in, BSP is hardly a household name, but they consistently sell near enough the same amount of records every time, which means they’re popularity is consistent. They have a loyal fan base that isn’t growing, yet isn’t faltering. That’s pretty impressive considering how ephemeral pop music is by nature.
And because it’s Halloween, this video seems very seasonally pertinent.

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