Friday, 21 February 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Malachai’s “I Deserve to No”

Indie artists have incorporated Bollywood influences in their music before. It was used to marvellous effect by Björk with Venus as a Boy some twenty-one years ago, and was used to lesser results by Bombay Bicycle Club last month in Feel. The swirling violins and dreamy strings of Hindi music has inspired Western artists for fifty years now in seriously intriguing ways, but I’ve never heard it done like this before.
Malachai hail from Bristol, England, and have a knack for mixing beats and samples from sources most wouldn’t dare consider meshing. Being protégés of the legendary Geoff Barrows of Portishead, Malachai have enough big name supporters (Lily Allen for one) to get the ball rolling for their third album titled Beyond Ugly.
There’s a lot going on in this video: the psychedelic images and political impositions indicating that Malachai is a duo with a much bigger purpose. The raspy and raw sounds signify rock music, but this song is really a hip-hop track, though you’d never think of classifying it as such. I Deserve to No is wonderfully odd in composition, but weirdly non-melodious. Whatever it is, it is startlingly original.

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