Monday, 24 February 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Metronomy’s “Love Letters”

The mooting of numerous British music aficionados suggests that Metronomy will become massive with the release of next month’s third album Love Letters. The band is on a world tour currently that will conclude in key American territories this summer, timed no doubt to capitalise on the adoration for the band that that country will hopefully be aware of by then.
The first two singles released so far from the album really do indicate that Metronomy are seriously shifting things up several gears. Prolific British music journalists like Marc Riley, who have already heard the new album, are convinced that world domination beckons, though the rest of us will only be able to find out for sure in a few weeks time.
The music video for Love Letters is arguably the most effective pastiche of a 1960s television variety show since OutKast’s Hey Ya!. Directed by the legendary Michel Gondry, the video features his typically innovative, one-take set-pieces that cause one to delight and admire in equal measure. Like the best of Gondry’s work, Love Letters is both playful and dazzlingly intricate, showing him to be a master technician as well as an iconic artist. It also exhibits the great sense of humour Metronomy can tap into which may be a key asset in getting the world to fall in love with them.

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