Sunday, 16 March 2014

-Movies on my Mind- Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX’s “Fancy”

Iggy Azalea’s new video deserves to be reported on this blog for reasons so obvious it’s not worth elucidating. Partnering with Britain’s Charli XCX, these two girls pay homage to the mid-‘90s shenanigans of Cher Horowitz and Tai Frasier in canny style. The music video for Fancy is fantastic fun, both brilliantly affectionate in its tribute and meticulously detailed in mimicking the movie it parodies. It’s videos like this that spread like wild fire, and this particular clip is probably going to make Azalea a big star.
As much as one likes the video and track, there’s something strangely bizarre about Iggy Azalea’s star profile. Azalea is an Australian bogan (a redneck form Down Under) who was raised in a inchoate property hand built of mudbricks. Her reincarnation as a white girl that intones an affected African-American ghetto vernacular will be admirable if it was being done tongue-firmly-in-cheek; but it’s not. Azalea has absolutely no sense of shame in presenting herself as an embarrassing caricature of a Caucasian girl thinking herself American and black. Not only that, her fan base sees nothing weird about it, either.
As someone old enough to have watched Clueless during its initial theatrical run, I’m pretty sure that Azalea’s ersatz hip-hop hoe antics would have been laughed at back then as was Vanilla Ice’s. Times have changed and it seems you really can do anything you like without incurring appropriate scrutiny. It’s a mad, mad world.

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