Saturday, 29 March 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Daniel Avery’s “Drone Logic”

Music publicist Robin Turner certainly did his job well when describing his British client Daniel Avery’s track Drone Logic as: “[Something that] doesn’t really fit expected templates of what a dance record in 2013 should sound like. There are no set piece vocals; when voices emerge on tracks, they are invariably disembodied, odd. And as distortion whips across techno-based backing tracks, it splices modern club music with the kind of sounds that forward thinking guitar bands might conjure up. The result is wholly compelling, gloriously transcendent and, yes, trippy.”
As one may deduce from the highly eloquent way people talk about Avery’s music, this is an artist intent on making heady dance music, the type that erudite revellers will revel to in the hip clubs of Shoreditch and PhD students will have on in the background while typing their thesis. Drone Logic is high-end dance music designed to get the listener feeling and thinking about stuff, kind of like the way it did in the acid house era when an entire generation spent whole weekends consuming psychoactive amphetamines in some field in Manchester while dancing away unaccounted hours.
There is something inherently Chemical Brothers about Avery’s track and its madly esoteric music video demonstrates that this is a song you have to work at connecting with. As Robin Turner says, it’s transcendent.

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