Sunday, 23 November 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- LoneLady’s “Groove it Out”

One is convinced that if an advanced alien civilization is monitoring activity on Earth then they’ll make additional efforts to tune into our sound waves.  It’s at this point they’ll focus greater attention on the astounding sonic frequencies emanating from Manchester, England, and will make it their prime objective to somehow get there. Should that happen then they’ll be in for the most astronomical of anticlimaxes because instead of the cosmically hip environs they thought will greet them, they’ll be confronted with urban privation and monumental grimness.
Nonetheless, our alien admirers will most certainly keep their faith in Manchester being the greatest rock city in the world. LoneLady (our kid, Julie Ann Campbell) is another of Manchester’s sonically gifted daughters who, if she keeps on making tracks like this, is going to be huge. LoneLady is an adequate stage sobriquet for Ms. Campbell because she records and produces everything herself. She is the ultimate bedroom artist and demonstrates just how amazingly effective and accessible modern technology is if the person using it has proper talent.
Groove it Out is a giant of an alternative pop song, though; this ongoing trend for not commissioning cool music videos is most frustrating. Wrap Records, who actually also make movies, ought to have realised that this track is destined for European domination and should’ve put together something pronto. Our alien mates won’t be impressed by their laziness.

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