Monday, 10 August 2015

-Movies on my Mind- Trust Funds’ (Feat. Alanna McArdle) “Dreams”

Alanna McArdle Is the lead singer of sensational Welsh alternative band Joanna Gruesome, a rock group so fast rising that to be on board is a passport to inevitable global infamy. It is, therefore, totally bizarre that McArdle issued a statement last month saying: “Lately, my mental health problems have become a lot worse and I've gone through a pretty shitty time … so I won't be singing in Joanna Gruesome anymore.”
It seems, however, that her recovery process is in full swing as McArdle’s wounded vocals feature on Bristolian group Trust Fund’s new song Dreams. Trust Fund will be playing gigs across the UK this year while the remaining members and new recruits of Joanna Gruesome are touring North America throughout the rest of 2015. It seems majorly rock’n’roll for McArdle to have thrown in the towel at the height of prospective transatlantic fame, though, it seems her priority right now is to be part of something that makes her happy.

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