Sunday, 2 August 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Fronteers’ “Youth”

Our kid Jon Robb in a recent radio interview with the BBC on New Order’s thirty-two year anniversary Power, Corruption and Lies talked about British northerners’ affinity to New York, saying that it essentially boils down to the fact that if you squeezed Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Hull together you basically get the Big Apple. This special relationship is perhaps best demonstrated through the powerhouse music cultures of these territories. Fronteers, an exciting new indie group fresh on the scene, furthers this potent music culture analogy.
Fronteers is a young band from east Yorkshire, a group of 19-year-old lads with a common interest in girls, guitars and their local football team. They’re releasing Youth through a boutique singles label called Human Music; however, it’s been a canny strategy because on the strength of this track the UK music industry is falling over each other to sign these kids up for a major album release.
Fronteers are perhaps a gang of white guys with guitars that may reappraise the dwindling fortunes of home grown alternative music, fuelling a sound that’s rife with classic Merseybeat riffs and of the moment boyish charm. It’s innately transatlantic, though, stubbornly parochial at heart.

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