Tuesday, 27 November 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- Nite Jewel's “Weak For Me”

If bipolar could be conveyed in song, perhaps it would sound something like this.
Ramona Gonzalez’s music project, known as Nite Jewel, is, for some reason, rereleasing its 2009 album Good Evening. Weak for me, a standout track from that LP, now has a music video to accompany it and it suits the song pretty well.
There are echoes of Tom Tom Club matched with early ‘80s synth pop magic, however, there’s a structureless edge to it all, dovetailing dark bass sounds with aching vocals. It’s weird but in a good way.


  1. Bipolar is a very serious disorder. I am not so sure if this song conveys anything that goes on in the patient's mind.

  2. Weird in a good way indeed - I almost got a little too excited. I though that Jewel came out with a new song that you somehow found out about before me.
    Good in a weird way then would certainly be weird, considering she forsake me and went country. Sigh.

    Is it terrible of me to think that the song would be better without her voice? I like her voice. I like this song. The video lost me. But, like you said Good: but weird.

    And I like weird.