Saturday, 17 November 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- Phantogram’s “Don’t Move”

New York indie pop duo Phantogram make the perfect kind of music for the ADD Generation. Beats and sounds materialise and immaterialise in nanoseconds, while new rhythms loop into existence only to be trumpeted by a sound you knew was coming but still pleases nonetheless.
Don’t Move’s genius is almost what makes it hollow. This is a tune that can feature everywhere and anywhere, from nightclubs to detergent commercials. It’s radio-friendly to the max, but cool enough to smoke a joint to. It pleases everyone and bowls over no one.
Also, lead singer Sarah Barthel is kind of attractive, until you realise she looks like the girl that served you at the pharmacy this morning, totally fed up in her job and wanting to make the kind of impact that will win the world over. A girl that’s noticeable but ordinary, much like this song and video.


  1. I enjoyed this, but I'm not sure if I love it enough to purchase it.

  2. I was expecting something totally different when I heard the music. The song took me by surprise.