Sunday, 11 November 2012

-Music Videos on my Mind- The Staves’ “Mexico”

It seems that an ideal retirement package nowadays is having three daughters who can write, sing and get on well enough to form a group. The Staves are a British acoustic folk rock trio doing exactly that.
Taking their cue from successful modern sister acts like Haim and the Peasall Sisters, The Staves hope to venture the same trodden path that ersatz British folk deals like Mumford & Sons and King Charles have. Knowing full well that only a heartless fiend could resist the soothing charms of three pretty English girls who play their own instruments, The Staves may actually luck out.
Mexico is such a nonchalant little number that it’s in danger of reluctantly causing mass comas. The dreary art school music video doesn’t help much either.


  1. It does sound too mellow and the video is blah, but it's still lovely.

  2. It seems siblings can get the best harmonies. But...the sister in the pink scares me. Legit. She could find a carrer in acting. In the Exorsist remake. She stunning. But..she frightens me!

    I like the traveling little leaf.