Tuesday, 13 May 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Hollie Cook’s “Looking for Real Love”

Hollie Cook is true British rock ‘n’ roll royalty. Her old man is Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, her mum is Culture Club’s backing singer Jeni Cook, her godfather is none other than Boy George, and she was frequently babysat by David Bowie. One suspects Sade must also have some elemental connection to Cook because the former’s style of fusing cosmically evocative soul with jazz and reggae pop influences is omnipresent in Hollie’s music, too.
Hollie Cook’s new album Twice (it’s her second one, after all) was funded through PledgeMusic donations, meaning it’s subsidised by her fan base who have been so smitten by the singer’s dreamy vocals that they’ve invested in her ambitions to produce music not stifled by corporate compromising. Cook’s music doesn’t sound revolutionary, instead, it harkens back to the records of early 1980s urban England, redolent of the sounds the singer was probably weaned on as an infant. It, therefore, sounds soulfully charged and deeply personal.

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