Tuesday, 6 May 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Night Flowers’ “Embers”

One supposes that the rock ‘n’ roll fight back of white guys with guitars in England will begin in the north and should eventually invade other territories. London will be a tough nut to crack because of its cosmopolitan nature and intensely urban ethnic makeup that perceives hip-hop as a more relatable brand of music. There is also the reality that London is economically eclipsing the rest of England, becoming this great big hub of prosperity while the poor folks in the north look on with grudges. The poor northerners are provincial types, unassimilated and proud, aghast at how the traditional English way of life is being infected by songs aping a ghetto flow. But in the end, success will be inevitable because no-one can keep ambitious white guys with guitars down. Lest we forget, the UK is the home of rock ‘n’ roll culture.
Night Flowers come from Hull, Yorkshire, but are growing roots in east London, taking the attack into enemy territory. Their sound has that classic 1980s fuzz guitar style, replete with ponderous riffs and beautifully harmonised vocals. They’ve also got one of those cool British low-key music videos in which five guys play out their song in a softly lit basement flat. The revolution starts here.

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