Thursday, 22 May 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Kasabian’s “eez-eh”

Getting indie kids dancing is an expensive and risky business. Indie discos typically attract smarter and snobbier kids, the kind that pride themselves on not being second-guessed. In a recent interview, Ministry Of Sound’s CEO, Lohan Presencer, recounts how British nightclubs were historically always built around “drinking, fighting and shagging,” but he and his colleagues managed a brand that made UK nightclubbing an upmarket phenomena. Yet Presencer candidly admits that his greatest career mistake was thinking the label could make money from indie disco by “flying over New York Electroclash duo Fischerspooner on Concorde, paying them $2m dollars in a bidding war, and then dropping them after their first single failed to reach the Top 20.” It’s best, therefore, to leave indie disco to chance rather than trying to industrially figure it out.
Leicester band Kasabian is keeping the major label (Sony Music in this case) drive to spin money from indie disco with their latest single eez-eh, and they’ve done an alright job of it. Whether it will turn them into millionaires (they probably already are) is questionable, but the song is fruitfully body-rocking in all the ways corporate indie disco should be.

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