Thursday, 24 July 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- Haley Bonar’s “Kill the Fun”

American alternative country singer--songwriter Haley Bonar has produced one of those tracks that record labels adore, in that it’s radio-friendly enough to broadcast on Top 40 pop stations but also independent enough to roster on hipster channels. Seriously, if it was so easy to do stuff like this then everyone will be doing it, but it takes real skill to pull it off.
To me Kill the Fun is tapping into some serious 1980s Jane Wiedlin and The B-52s vibes, which means that it may have sufficed having a totally bitchin' music video styled in the classic MTV way. Instead, Bonar has gone for twee Amelia Earhart nostalgia over big hair and garish design, which sort of makes sense considering the kind of homely (in a good way) image she has.

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