Thursday, 31 July 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- The Helmholtz Resonators’ “Sunshine”

The Helmholtz Resonators is a five member group from east London who describes themselves as “musical time travellers,” the cohort teaming up while studying acoustic sciences at university. They’re total eccentrics and produce a brand of dance music that sounds expertly arranged yet weirdly off kilter.
The Helmholtz Resonators are part of the indie pop music fraternity that still uses analogue circuits and analogue computer techniques to generate sounds electronically which, thus, creates synthesizer beats that modern recording methodology cannot match. There’s something entirely soothing and penetrating about this type of music that goes back to the lo-fidelity electronic soundscapes popular in Europe during the early ‘80s. In fact, the tradition of analogue production for dance music is still well preserved in Britain, with esteemed acts like Simian Mobile Disco refusing to produce records any other way.
Sunshine is probably the best pop song of summer 2014, no debate. It’s the track that defines a season.

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