Sunday, 27 July 2014

-Music Videos on my Mind- The New Pornographer’s “War on the East Coast”

"We were going for some mid-Nineties second-tier Britpop attitude," said Carl Newman of The New Pornographers to Rolling Stone magazine, with music video director Thom Glut adding, "We were excited to pay homage to those brilliant [British] Nineties music videos where the artist's personality is prominently featured in one long unbroken shot."
Britain seriously did make some fantastic music videos a generation ago, though one wonders how many of them made a mark in North America to now be inspiring its indie pop bands to honour them. Perhaps Vancouver, Canada (Pornographers’ hometown) was too smitten with Alanis Morissette back then to have noticed the Cool Britannia movement rocking the UK.
This single take video features the band’s recruited fans rioting in a stylised orgy of kitsch and mayhem. It all culminates in total civil disobedience and bargain special-effects.

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