Monday, 7 September 2015

Anushka Puts Summer to Bed with New Single “Kendrick”

If let’s say HBO was to, for example, figure a way to somehow craft a long form drama series about alternative London club culture during the last thirty years, then Gilles Peterson will be a peripheral but essential reappearing character. He’s been so instrumental in developing, promoting and producing that distinct London sound that it’s easy to take him for granted. From his start in pirate radio stations to his creation of the Acid Jazz label, Peterson is nothing short of a music legend.

Anuskha is a music group consisting of vocalist Victoria Port and producer Max Wheeler. Kendrick is a sensuous late summer ditty released through Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings. The tune sounds London classic while incorporating enough modern flourishes to make it crisply contemporaneous. Peterson has expertly positioned this as a track that’s credible enough for underground tastes while radio-ready for those just wanting to bask in its sun-kissed sonic sumptuousness.

The song’s namesake ought to be doing backflips.

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