Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Lilies On Mars Go Cinematic With New Song "Stealing"

Lilies On Mars are described, according to their label, Saint Marie Records, as having a“futurist sound blended with electro dream pop [experimenting] with vintage organs, synthesizer, psychedelic oscillations and echoes. 

Being from Sardinia, but currently based in London, multi-instrumentalists Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo have delineated a retro rhythm that always looks to the future, sort of like the music equivalent of The Jetsons. 

In that sense Lilies On Mars are a modern confection totally inspired by yesteryear psychedelic soundscapes while infusing it with of-the-moment dream pop sensibilities. Stealing, their new track, personifies the group’s hypnotic charms, presenting a widescreen-sounding song that nods to the 1980s synth-pop perfections of New Order while also charging it with sonic delicacies hitherto untapped. It belongs in a movie.

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