Wednesday, 7 October 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Deerhunter's "Breaker"

There’s a glorious yin and yang between British and American music journalists, where they take pot shots at each other regarding what’s good and what’s not. For example, one recalls the American press accusing British tastemakers of overhyping the Arctic Monkeys when they first hit in the mid-noughties. Likewise, Deerhunter’s new track, Breaker, is receiving much love back home but has been blasted by Blighty for being banal and akin to soap opera music.

When broken down, we have to remember that the sense of beach-pop indie dreaminess that comes with a song like Breaker has a lot to do with the open landscapes and bright deposition of the American character. They’re optimists whereas the British equivalent of this would be more nihilistic and caked in subversive irony. Neither is better, but both have their place in modern pop music.

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