Monday, 12 October 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- This is the Kit's "Silver John"

So there’s this British girl called Kate Stables who was born in England but now lives in gay Paris, though her music project, This is the Kit, is a thoroughly Bristolian affair that taps into the musical community of the city, producing a protean product which recruits collaborators like Jesse Vernon only to later swap them with Rozi Plain and then bring onboard new teammates to introduce fresh sonic elements. In Stables’ own words: “The more you exchange and share with people, the better things get and the more you learn." 

Silver John is her new single, an alternative sea shanty-type song that seems most fitting considering Bristol’s association with the ocean, it being the British base for voyages of exploration to the New World. (There is a reason why in traditional folklore pirates speak with cutting Bristolian accents: arrr me hearties! and such.) 

Silver John is a stirring meditation on the end of the world, an evocative melody in which a single guitar chord plus miasma of organs, ponder Stables’ introspections on existence and her relationship with life. Heavy stuff, but it sounds lovely.

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