Monday, 26 October 2015

-Movies on my Mind- Unloved’s “Guilty of Love”

One of the key components of music to feature on this blog is, essentially, how well it compliments one’s love of cinema.  Most folk of our generation may have been profoundly affected by hearing pop songs used in movies, which henceforth triggered a fascination of how music in films generates an emotional effect that both invokes period and soul. Think of it like alchemy, the filmmaker matching pieces of recorded song against film to see what reaction it engenders.
So if one was to inform you that the group Unloved is the brainchild Hollywood music composer David Holmes (Oceans Trilogy, Out of Sight), television composer Keefus Ciancia (HBO’s True Detective), and songwriter-vocalist Jade Vincent (she probably watches a lot of films), you’d get the sense that this is a distinctly cinematic affair made into music.
And you’d be correct. It’s a sound that Lana Del Rey would walk down the aisle to, a film-noir drenched spectacle of drugged-out wasted glamour and forgotten ‘60s L.A. girl groups. Guilty of Love is dark, dark stuff, shaded with expertly produced jangly arrangements and moody vocal tints, though, never losing its sense of melancholic playfulness.

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