Wednesday, 21 October 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- U.S. Girls' "Window Shades"

Meg Remy, custodian of indie dance outfit U.S. Girls, has borrowed the brooding disco beat from Gloria Ann Taylor's Love is a Hurting Thing and constructed a new track called Window Shades out of it.
Window Shades is produced by Remy’s talented husband Slim Twig, thus creating a song draped in layers of anachronistic piano tinkles, retro funk switches, and very modern takes ofemale self-empowerment. Ultimately, the song registers so strongly because of how richly cinematic it sounds, playing as something that’d be right at home in a dark drama.
Therefore, the 1930s Busby Berkeley inspired music video seems rightly fitting for a song that sports its 20th century American motifs with inspiration to spare. Supreme stuff.

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