Friday, 25 September 2015

The Mesmerising Sounds of Farao

Farao is the stage name of Norwegian artist, Kari Jahnsen. Jahnsen’s sound slots into the Spartan and measured nature of music emanating from that region, in equal parts cold yet delicately vulnerable. Jahnsen’s vocals are replete in haunting bewitchment, clean and chillily calibrated, though greatly tender.
Farao’s sound best reflects the conditions it was recorded in as Jahnsen seems to gravitate to environments lacking in warmth. Her initial writing and rerecording sessions began in Reykjavik, Iceland, shifting over to London to team up with Mike Lindsay of folktronica experimentalist outfit Tunng, to refine her finished songs.
Farao’s The Hours
The Hours, a song intact with a fantastic stop motion music video that consists of rapidly edited photographs of Jahnsen taken in Norway, Iceland and London locations, confidently showcases the type of artist Farao is. Emotive and deeply regretful, Farao’s lyrics convey the feelings of a young woman burdened with self-doubt and hesitation. This was the first song released from her eponymous EP which came out last year.
Farao’s Bodies
Bodies is the latest track that may make Farao a truly formidable star. The music video features two teenage girls killing time in a drained and dour Scandinavian swimming pool, where playfulness and curiosity gives way to something darker and more distrustful, only to come full circle again. In that sense one believes that Farao’s music may primarily connect best with introspective girls trying to make sense of themselves and those around them. Imbued with fissured percussion and wounded backing vocals, Bodies typifies Farao’s universal appeal and unique attractiveness.

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