Monday, 24 May 2010

Are we too quick to judge the Taliban?

The summer season always struck me as being a favourable time for releasing wank American blockbusters, which bovine brained bastard blokes with the mental age of a 14-year old, will flock to. It now seems women are also lowering their intellectual standards and positioning themselves as receivers of standardised generic bollocks. SEX AND THE SHITTY 2 will hit UK cinemas this Friday 28th May 2010 and will no doubt garner the attention of every breathing woman living in Britain. I intentionally avoided the premiere of the first movie back in 2008, but did walk past Leicester Square to get the Underground station whilst the premiere was taking place and witnessed hordes of screaming girls climbing on top of trash cans and even tramps to get a better view of Horceface Jessica Parker's pathetic hat. Also coming in the following weeks is TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE (which at least has kick-ass British genre director David Slade helming) and Julia Robert's in EAT PRAY LOVE (I'm embarrassed to say I like the look of the trailer). There's also some other thing called LETTERS TO JULIET, and if you're a black woman who has to rely on America to make romantic comedies featuring female characters ethnically similar to you (because the British film industry can't really give a fuck) then you can catch Queen Latifah in JUST WRIGHT (unfortunately, you're so insignificant that there's no distribution deal in place to release the movie in Britain yet).

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