Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cameron Crowe to make a Gaye Movie

Britain's legendary music journal of distinction (term used loosely) NME reports Cameron Crowe could be set to make his first film in five years, a biopic on soul legend Marvin Gaye. No offence but a Marvin Gaye film directed by some prick who has made some of the most inane features of the last 20 years taking on board a subject matter about a soul legend whose darker personal undertones led to his tragic death seems somewhat chalk/ cheese. Marvin Gaye was marred by a life time of hardcore drug abuse which culminated in his preacher father icing him in his own house.
I'd personally lurrve to see a movie about Marvin Gaye helmed by a filmmaker with edge, not some guy who has up until now evaded anything less than 100% saccharine storytelling. Granted, Crowe did once interview Marvin Gaye for ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE but that hardly qualifies him as the ideal director for this project as I can think of many other directors, some even African American, who seem a better fit for this movie. Crowe's last 7 movies have been utter shite.
Luckily, it seems he may not get to direct the Marvin Gaye flick anytime soon as "Nothing's been signed on paper yet". Also, VARITY reported last night Cameron Crowe has been signed up to direct an adaptation of Benjamin Mee's memoir "We Bought a Zoo". The latter is about how columnist Benjamin Mee and his family decided to refurbish a dilapidated wildlife preserve that was the home to 200+ exotic animals. While the Mees' poured money and hard work into re-opening the zoo, the family suffered a devastating loss... and some other shit happened. Sound exactly like the soft-as-shit stories Crowe revels in.

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