Friday, 28 May 2010


We got our first look at the promotional poster and publicity still for what's hoped to be Lindsay Lohan's comeback starring role in Matthew Wilder's INFERNO. Lohan will play legendary American porn star Linda Lovelace and the film will focus on Lovelace's relationship with her first husband Chuck Traynor who forced Lovelace to move to New York and became her manager, pimp and pornographer. Traynor sounds like a charming motherfucker who forced Lovelace at gunpoint to appear in a number of classic bestiality flicks like Dog Fucker and Dogarama. Lovelace came to major fame because of her turn in DEEP THROAT, which was one of those 70s pornos that came close to mainstream acceptability.


Lohan is a good actress whose private life has outshone her creative persona. Although there's no guarantee INFERNO will be any good, I hope Lohan actually gets to show off her dramatic range and not just her tits (although I think most folk will focus on the latter). Dramatic depictions of the pornography business have been patchy at best. While BOOGIE NIGHTS and DEEP FOCUS were really good, things like GIRL NEXT DOOR and I WANT CANDY were considerably poor. Here's hoping for the best.


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  2. Take a look at Tyler Shields photos of Lohan:
    He's a close friend of hers and was responsible for the controversial shots with a gun a while back.

    Could have been a very different movie if Angelina Jolie or Meg Ryan signed up for it. I know who I'd prefer...