Wednesday, 25 April 2012

-Music videos on my Mind- Jessie Ware’s “110%”

There's concern that Jessie Ware's attractive looks and mainstream radio playability may just have her destined to become a one-hit-wonder. This 27-year-old south Londoner has been defined by some music journalists as an underground artist, having started her career providing vocals for leftfield dubstep producers like SBTRKT and Sampha.

Now Jessie Ware's track 110% is voyaging its way onto commercial British radio station playlists and looks set to make chart impact upon release. Not bad work for someone that journeyed the arduous underground scene and now looks set to reap mainstream success.

There is, however, a catch. Ms. Ware is no rags-to-riches star in the making. This Jewish Princess is the daughter of BBC investigative journalist John Ware, and was privately educated at the expensive Alleyn's school (same place that Jude Law and Florence Welch acquired their privileged start in life).

Jessie Ware continues the worrying trend of posh British kids playing down their advantaged origins and repackaging themselves as "underground" mavericks that clawed their way out of the gutter, deserving every amount of success coming to them.

Still, she does look pretty in the video and the song is a nice early summer offering that could be comfortably placed on one of those Ministry of Sound Ibiza chill out compilations that used to be popular ten years or so ago.


  1. I will not be surprised if she comes up with a couple more hits. She lacks the pain that is needed for bringing out the grace in a song like for example Adele's songs. They are both British, but man, what a difference.

  2. It sounds synthetic for my taste, but it isn't bad.

  3. great track and art in motion as a beautiful lady