Friday, 13 April 2012

Titanic actually happened?

Back in 1997, movie prognosticators prognosticated that James Cameron's very expensive wet dream known as Titanic would sink without a trace on account of teenagers not knowing or caring enough about the historic context of the story. They claimed that modern kids, the type that was hooked on an emerging technology known as the Internet and goofing on No Doubt records, wouldn't be interested in watching an old fashioned melodrama like Titanic.

How wrong those people were. Titanic was big. It was really big. So big it took a bunch of oversized blue aliens created by the same director to usurp it years later.

Last weekend Titanic resurfaced, this time in 3D, for another crack at the box-office, and while the US results were somewhat watered down with taking only $17.3 million, the UK was a different story altogether as the rerelease sailed into the top spot with almost £3 million.

It seems the new generation of moviegoers is as much a sucker for historical spectacle as the previous cohort, only it seems this generation has difficulty comprehending the Titanic was a real disaster that actually happened, not just a costly movie.

Leave it to Twitter to bring to light another generation of idiots.


  1. I guess that's why they put based on a true story on most movies like that

  2. I can't understand the hype about the 3D remake. It's still only a big boat hitting an obvious iceberg and a selfish girl letting drown and freeze to death a nice guy....
    And according to some female friends of mine, the 3D is shitty in the movie.

  3. Yeah, Titanic definitely came out at perfect timing back in 97. It managed to capture the last generation of youth who had any sense of intelligence left. :S

    I can't even read those tweets. I came across a smattering on other news sites and was beyond horrified. I'm so thankful I was born in the 80s. But now I'm terrified for my future children. No matter how well I raise them or what I teach them, they will be surrounded by twitter-drenched iphone-bots who will no doubt corrupt their impressionable minds.

  4. There is no comparison between Moz and One Direction. It's like having to choose between a Jolly Rancher and a vitamin. With Moz being the latter, of course.

    I just have a soft spot for cute British boys, I guess. One Direction is coming to my town in January, and even I was wondering if they would still have enough star power to fill a 50,000 seat arena by then. Lol.

  5. Oh lawd have mercy. They didn't know the Titanic was REAL? I agree with Jen - the generation of '97 was pretty intelligent, if I don't say so myself. I am so sickened that they didn't know about the Titanic...not the movie, but the actual real event. They don't cover this any more?

  6. this movie is absolutely amazing

  7. Definetley have to see it again! such a beautiful movie :X

  8. that twitter feed made me weep for the future.