Saturday, 7 November 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Bloc Party's "The Love Within"

One is suspicious of any band that comes screaming out of the gates with alternative-minded aplomb, makes an impact and gets success, gets notoriety for having lots of internal feuding, goes on an indefinite hiatus, then remerges years later with discarded original band members that have now been substituted with hitherto unknown replacements. The Smashing Pumpkins do it all the time, and now Bloc Party have done it by adding bassist Justin Harris and drummer Louise Bartle to its repurposed lineup.  
And to see lead singer Kele Okereke appear in the video for The Love Within, while sporting a seemingly affected smile and chipper dance moves, suggests that either the band is pretending to be in a creatively inspired place or is genuinely thriving in its new incarnation. 
Let’s go with the latter because this song is simply brilliant. The precision-edited music video, assembled with utmost consideration of graphic continuity, enjoyably entails consumerist satire while matching it with surreal contemporary modern dance action. Love it, man.

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