Monday, 30 November 2015

-Music Videos on my Mind- Dilly Dally's "Candy Mountain"

Toronto four-piece alternative group, Dilly Dally, is going to be huge. They’re going to hit big because they’ve been hyped by the American music press as literally the second coming of serious-minded rock music. They’re young and credible, which means that rosy-eyed Gen X journalists are reminded of their own youths', in turn able to relate to a band channelling a grunge energy hitherto thought amiss. Heck, just watch the music video for Dilly Dally’s new tune Candy Mountain and tell me there’s not some heavy MTV 120 Minutes vibes at play there. 
Dilly Dally’s debut album Sore has scored some of the best reviews across the Atlantic this year. Rolling Stone magazine compares them to Nirvana and The Pixies, arguing that 2016 will be their year. That’s big. 
Such adulation will undoubtedly ire the UK music press, only because that’s the way it works. If they (the US) like it first then that’s uncool, however, if Blighty had identified them as noteworthy from the start then they’d have been praised to seventh heaven. One has never understood this transatlantic tug-of-war twixt our two nations’ cultural tastemakers. 
Let’s just say that Dilly Dally is alright. Nothing revolutionary but nay bad neither. They are just right.

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